Kidd Kenn Shows Us The Bougie, Friendly, & Evil Side Of Him In “Bougie Fellow”

And they’re all groovy

Artwork courtesy of Island Records

You may have heard of Kidd Kenn through his viral freestyle videos, which have been making fires across the hip-hop scene. But beyond his artistry, Kidd Kenn is a personality and fashionista who is openly gay and way mature beyond his age (he’s only 16). The rising rapper has recently signed with Island Records and is celebrating the beginning of his new chapter with a mind-dazzling video “Bougie Fellow” where we see three different ‘Kenn’ dolls that display a different side of him. Regardless of what version of Kenn we see, his sense of fashion is always on point:

On his music, Kenn shared: “When you hear what I’m doing, I want you to know everything is possible. Be yourself. Don’t let anyone stop you from doing what you want to do. That’s just something I always did. You can’t get stuck on anything or what anybody says. I learned how to not care about opinions and be myself. You need to feel like that bitch!”

Kenn will be performing in NYC and Chicago this month:

9/12 – MOBI (New York, NY, USA)

9/14 – The Delancey & Camp Smokey Bear Festival (Chicago, IL, USA)