R.LUM.R Takes Us On The Verge Of Breakup In New Lush Single “Cold”


Photo: Courtesy of Island Records

Hailing from Nashville, R.LUM.R bares his vulnerability in new video “Cold” where he delineates a romance that is hanging by a fading heartstring. Swelling with quivering synth riffs and sky-high choruses, “Cold” boxes us into the intense moment of realization and semi-denial that comes when breakup is on the horizon. It’s an emotive piece where R.LUM.R mesmeric voice pours out the scattered thoughts of loneliness and fears into concrete, taut lyricism:

“I want listeners to take away an idea they can be better versions of themselves in their own lives,” shared R.LUM.R on this music. “I really believed in what Erykah Badu used to say about music, ‘Once I release it into the world, it’s no longer my story’. Once the audience listens to it, it’s their story. I can’t wait to see how people interpret it. There’s growth to be done, and you don’t have to be afraid of it.”

“Cold” is from R.LUM.R’s upcoming album, which is still in the works.