Adam Wright Sets Fire To Our Playlist With “Love On Fire”


Photo: Adam Wright Instagram

YES, we’re covering Adam Wright again after featuring his Blackpink-Cabello mashup coz we bumped into his original single “Love On Fire” – a dynamite of electric frissons that is anchored with sky-high hooks, gripping basslines and fist-pumping arpeggios. “Love On Fire” fizzles, flips, and flies with a high-necked intensity where we’re taken into a party dimension that exists somewhere between lucid dream and reality. Some comments are wondering what happened to the vocals, but “Love On Fire” delivers enough melodic vigor that you really don’t need a human voice:

Hailing from Grand Rapids, Michigan, Adam is an 18-year-old artist who started out by making mashups and remixes, which quickly garnered a wide fanbase online. Since then, he has released his original songs and continues to hone his sound. You can stalk Adam on Instagram.