Les Techno’s “Edge Of The World” Is Pre-Apocalyptic Industrial Dance Punk

But in all honesty, it’s a warning

Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

NYC-based artist Les Techno takes us on a pre-apocalyptic party in his new single “Edge Of The World” where he toys with sinister techno and funky synthesizers to capture the feeling of impending doom through a deceitfully groovy ambience. The track is built on an dub-indebted DNA that is stranded with pitched-up, robotic vocals chanting about parting “at the edge of the world.” It’s serrated, chopped, and distorted – yet, the cacophony is what yields the explosive frissons from this piece. But beneath the celebratory and twerk-inducing melody, there is a dark warning about climate change. “Edge Of The World” toys with our hedonistic tendency to ignore what is going on with our environment and Les Techno captures the looming apocalyptic chaos we’ll be facing through his lyrics:

“Watching the Amazon burn, this song appeared out of nowhere, as an alarm in my head: we are all at the party at the edge of the world. We party and the world hurls into climate oblivion. “Swept over at the end of the road, where you lose control… you’re at the party at the edge of the world….” shared Les Techno.

Les Techno grew up playing guitar and singing in punk rock bands such as Sim-Stim and Love Posse. Although he’s a bit mysterious, he’s a seasoned artist who has released critically acclaimed songs such as “Where Were You?”, “Come Along”, and “Guilty Pleasure”, all available on Spotify. Aside from rock, Les Techno has also produced hip-hop music for artists such as Run-DMC (Profile), Mobb Deep (Loud/RCA), Onyx (Def Jam/Sony), and many more. “Edge Of The World” is out now via Solid Bass Records.

You can keep up with Les Techno via Instagram and Spotify.