Life Is A Beach Filled With Lit Swagger In Young Goats’ “Take You With Me”


Photo: Courtesy of Independent Music Promotions

LA-based hip-hop duo Young Goats takes us on a hip-shaking and paradisiacal trip to South Beach, California in their new video “Take You With Me.” From yacht to jet skis, the duo captures the vibrant beach culture and nocturnal life of SoCal’s eden thorough quirky lyricism that totters over the buoyant and throbbing soundscape. There is a schmoozing vibe throughout the track that is distilled from the breezy islandic flow of the production. It’s a song that offers a form of escapism from the city’s hectic life and lets us vicariously luxuriate in the glimmering fluidity of coastal life. Watch below:

“Take You With Me” is from the duo’s record Goat Life Vol. 1, which was released back in June 14th. “This Tape is a Summer tape with lot of pop and dancehall songs with hip hop too. We use a variety of beats from EDM, Dancehall, to even House, as well as regular Hip-Hop or Pop beats. This tape is for people to listen to and have fun with while also having meaning behind the songs,” shared the duo.

Produced by Jaz Williams, Goat Life is a 15-track record that is filled with Cali culture, summer romance, and wistfulness. The opener “Welcome to Goat Life” beckons us to soak on the artistic swagger of the duo, who come off as laidback partiers. They tap into universal lust and beauty (“Only Need You,” “Beautiful,” “Gaze On”) while they also take us onto a Hollywood-esque narrative arc (“LA Chick”). Their rhythms are chopped but smooth (“Got It All,” “Whole Snack,” “My Section”) and often times feel like they’re mutated with pop chords with tints of dance music (“Catch My Vibe,” “Too Nervous, “Advantage of You”). Similar to what the video “Take You With Me” delivers, the duo speak to our desire to runaway and have a taste of grandeur somewhere exotic (“Dubai For The Weekend”). This is an album that speaks to Millennial desires through catchy wordplay that feels like they’re sending us an empathetic wink between the choruses:

Young Goats are the collaborative project of Young Suave and Goatey who decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue their musical endeavors. The duo has played across various venues in Southern California and are planning to take their stage presence nationally and then internationally. You can follow them via Facebook and Spotify.