Rubytates Make Sultry Synthpop Music That Produces Dopeatonin

Dopeatonin = dopamine + serotonin + dopeness 2.0

Photo: Rubytates Facebook

Hailing from Mexico, Rubytates is perhaps one of the fastest rising acts in the Spanish synthpop scene. They don’t make algorithm-fed, lamestream sound – their sound has a form of avant-garde fluidity to it that feels posh, balanced, and ethereal. The quartet’s latest music video “Fuera de este mundo” (“Out of this world”) has a seamless and rapturing locomotion that feels hypnotherapeutic. The song itself taps into the sacrifices that comes with change whereas the video depicts a former ice skater who reminisces her youth:

Si, volví a soñar (Yes, I dreamed again)

Que fuera de este mundo (That outside of this world)

Poder respirar (I could breathe)

Aprendiendo siempre a sentirme bien (Always learning to feel fine)

Sin sentir lo que fui antes avance (Without feeling who I was before I moved forward)

“Fuera de este mundo” is about yearning for our former selves and how we use our past memories to survive our present selves, whom we don’t feel comfortable. Through its celestial swells, the quartet dexterously crafts a wistful ambience that feels otherworldly and dopeatonin-inducing.

Rubytates are Pepe, Mach, Abel and Fernando who quickly became vanguards of Spanish synthpop with their two studio albums and dynamic performance. They’ll be rolling out new music soon and playing various shows across Mexico, so stay tuned.

9/20 – Teatro Diana (Guadalajara, Mexico)

9/21 – Tezla Music Gallery (Morelia, Mexico)

12/5 – Lunario del Auditorio Nacional (Mexico City, Mexico)