Craze 24 Pays Tribute To Knife & Gun Crime Victims In “Everybody’s Got 2 Learn”


Still from Craze 24 | Everybody’s Got 2 Learn [Music Video]: SBTV YouTube

UK artist Craze 24 tells the gut-wrenching story of a boy who grows up in a violent environment in his new video “Everybody’s Got 2 Learn.” The track and video are a response to the increasing incidents of violence across London. It is also an homage to all the victims of knife and gun crimes. In “Everybody’s Got 2 Learn,” Craze 24 toys with his gruffy vocals and chest-pounding rhythm that delivery a choppy harmonic fluidity. He offers his listeners an eagle-eye perspective on the cause and effect of the crime – through his eyes, both the perpetrators and recipients are victims of violence that root back to a more complex cause. Watch below:

Craze 24 and his collaborator Big Ven will be launching a youth divisionary programme to help victims of knife and gun crime. Stay tuned for more details.