Pelicandy’s ‘Underlove’ Is An EP You Should Enjoy On The Chaise Longue

Aka therapist deckchair

Photo: Puria Safari

UK artist Pelicandy take out headspace into the deep psychedelic hole of self-analysis, musing, and starry-eyed desires in their debut EP Underlove. It’s a collection of four songs that speak to a generation saturated with technology, social deprivation, and excess. Through sparkling keys and lingering dark echoes, the duo mingle with the ingredients of commercial pop, disco, and funk while keeping it’s kaleidoscopic wheel running. Enjoy:

Underloveaims to pry into the world’s unhinged psyche with a collection of songs for the armchair psychiatrist. Love songs for the therapy generation, you could say. These are the four songs that define Pelicandy so far and we’re thrilled to finally be sharing them with the world”

Comprised of TC Beecham (vocals, guitar, synthesiser & keys) and Nick Mills (drum kit, drum programming, backing vocals), Pelicandy are London newcomers who have quickly garnered praise through their alt pop sound.

Europe 2019

18 Sept – The Waiting Room, London (EP launch show)

30 Sept – Electrowerkz, London (supporting City Calm Down)

15 Oct – Electrowerkz, London (supporting Thyla)

18 Oct – The Finsbury, London