S+C+A+R+R’s Music Is A Wacky Mutation Of Retro & Futuristic House

And sorta sounds French

Artwork courtesy of CentPourCent

Ever wondered what Scar would be like as a human being? As you may have guessed, he would’ve turned out to be a mysterious music producer who makes killer bangers (rather than kill Mufasa) like the ones below:

Disney joke aside, S+C+A+R+R is a newcomer who started out by sending mixtapes anonymously to The Dø’s Dan Levy, who ended up producing the enigmatic artist. Not much is known about S+C+A+R+R for now, but based on our careful study of his Instagram he seems to like baked chips:

Photo: @iamscarr Instagram

And really sucks at parking:

Photo: @iamscarr Instagram