Vôx Vé Gives Us A Mystique Portrait Of Millennial Loneliness In “Sad Surfing”

It’s an epidemic

Photo: Courtesy of Purple Bite

Recently, 22% of Millennials reported having ‘no friends’ – which is the highest percentage compared to other generations like Gen X (16%) and baby boomers (9%). Sounds like a hyperbole, but if you think about the reason why you’re spending time reading this instead of socializing…just kidding. Anyways, this is a global epidemic and technology is certainly playing a primary role. Swiss artist Vôx Vé addresses the escalating tension and overwhelming solitude that virtual lifestyle has endowed upon us in her new single “Sad Surfing.” Through stunning mystique choreography, the gal jumps between reality and cyberworld where she offers an empathetic glimpse into our own social deprivation. With wraithlike locomotion, “Sad Surfing” uses both artificial vocoders, organic piano, and synth bass to send us reflective waves:

“Sad Surfing offers an empathetic yet raw portrait of the Millennial experience, touching upon themes of media messaging and mental health, online celebrity culture, and disconnection from love and nature,” shared Vôx Vé.

Hailing from Geneva, Vôx Vé is currently working on her debut EP Dream Theory 1, which is largely influenced by Millennial mental health. Stay tuned for more deets.