Julia Bhatt Heightens Indie Pop To Bossa Nova Levels In “Tall”

Breakneck, tongue-twisting treat

Photo: Shervin Lainez

Hailing from Miami, Julia Bhatt takes indie pop to avant-garde heights in her new single “Tall” – a bossa nova-injected single that swiftly straddles the borders of thrumming groove and buoyant melody. “Tall” is constructed around the type of outré production you can’t find elsewhere; it steadily hits you with chest-quaking waves while also keeping you suspended in this waltzy frequency. Enjoy:

“It’s just a combination of words that somehow make sense, fused with my subconscious issue regarding my height,” shared Julia on her new song. “Honestly, I didn’t really find a meaning for the song until I started performing it more,” she explains. “I originally wrote it as a sort of bossa nova, but Elliot helped me transform it and take it to new levels. He brought an entirely new energy to it.”

Julia was originally born in Boston, but grew up in Miami where she had a diverse musical diet ranging from rock to bossa nova. Currently working on new music, Julia will be hitting your ears with more genre-smudging singles soon.