Lanta’s “Drinking Too Much” Is Your 20s & 30s Soundtrack

Totally applicable

Photo: Courtesy of Sonnet Music

We heard of people exercising, writing a book, and upping their careers as a coping mechanism to get over breakups…we heard of them, but not necessarily done them. Usually what we do is drink a copious amount of alcohol and sing breakup songs like Lanta’s “Drinking Too Much,” which pretty much nails our 20s, 30s, and some of our 40s. Tinted with the hues of 80s synthpop, the track offers a dancefloor for us to cry, shake our booty, text our ex (don’t), and channel our inner Madonna:

“There is no quick cure to having your heart destroyed but that doesn’t stop us all trying to find a magic fix. ‘Drinking Too Much’ was inspired by many a night out in Soho after one of my romantic crusades had fallen apart in the past. After break ups I’d go out to party most evenings just to fill the nights and sleep through the days (due to the monster hangover). I wanted a loud club to drown out my thoughts on overdrive and to drink until I couldn’t feel much at all or hooked up with someone to help me forget, for that night at least,” shared Lanta.

Lanta has been working on new material alongside Rhiannon Mair (Laura Marling, Bryde, Emma Mcgrath) and mix engineer Richard Wilkinson (Adele, Honne, Rhys Lewis). She’ll be playing at HearHer Festival and a headline show in London soon, so don’t miss her:

10/11 – HearHer Festival (Poole, UK)

11/26 – Sebright Arms (London, UK)