Lonnie Storey Made A Song About Our Ugly, Crying, Drunken Faces Titled “Found You”

Drunk indie pop

Photo: Ben Copping

London artist Lonnie Storey finally did something that was long due – a song about our ugly, crying face when we get drunk. It’s titled “Found You” which – from a pure title’s connotative perspective – sounds like a starry-eyed track about finally finding your missing half. But Lonnie messes up our psych by completely making it about being rejected by someone you like and getting shitfaced drunk afterwards. And it’s such a comforting track filled with dazzling laidback strings and Lonnie’s heart-warming vocals that really nail our emotional breakdown:

“It’s about telling a mate you flat out fancy them out of nowhere and it all going horrendously wrong, painfully backfiring right in your ugly, crying, drunken face,” shared Lonnie.

Co-produced by Michael Smith (Anteros, Weird Milk, Honey Lung), “Found You” is the latest treat from the newcoming artist. Lonnie will be supporting Talkboy in London tonight and will be announcing more live date soon, so stay tuned:

9/11 – O2 Academy (London, UK)