Siddhartha & Zoé’s “La Ciudad (Cap. 6)” Is Your Guide To Braving As An Aspiring Musician

A realistic, unfiltered guide

Still from Siddhartha, Zoé – La Ciudad (Cap. 6) YouTube

What you often see onstage or music videos is a glammed up, commercially-filtered delusion of the music industry. Even iconic artists as Siddhartha and Zoé went through a stage of hustling with ‘breaking into the scene,’ record deals, and countless moments of uncertainty before they started dominating the charts. Today, Siddhartha and Zoé team up in their new video “La Ciudad (Cap. 6)” [“The City (Chap. 6)”] where we see the daily grind and struggle of an aspiring artist who braves through the urban wilderness. Directed by Sergio Russek, the song itself is inspired by Siddhartha’s own experience during his initial stages of his artistry where he – like many other artists – struggled. Laced with soft-rock strings and soulful notes, “La Ciudad” offers a candid look into their past and beckons us into a vulnerable space of introspection:

Siddhartha will be playing at select cities across Mexico this fall, so don’t miss him:

9/27 – Paruno Central De Musica (León, Mexico)

10/18 – Audiotorio de la Escuela Normal Veracruzana (Xalapa, Mexico)

12/6 – Teatro Diana (Guadalajara, Mexico)

12/13 – Anfiteatro ICBC Tijuana (Tijuana, Mexico)