Annabel Allum Is On A Quest For Change In Her New Punk Rock Single “Baby Berlin”

Sassy bold riffs

Photo: Stephanie Carral

With tints of sinister edginess and rampage of riffs, Annabel Allum captures the fiery desire for change in her new single “Baby Berlin.” The track is anchored by the raw boldness of punk rock, but also has splashes of folk elements that yield a rare combination of chill and thrill. It feels bristly and riotous, but the semi-auto tuned riffs offer a fluid buzz that lets your thoughts stream seamlessly. Enjoy:

On her music, Annabel describes the listening experience as: “You are immersed in the process of revolutionising one’s life. Conceptually it’s about getting up and changing the thing you’re most miserable about, whether that be an unhealthy relationship, political injustice, or addiction.”

“Baby Berlin” is from Annabel’s upcoming EP Gravel Not The Grave, which will be out on September 13thvia London label Killing Moon. The gal will also be playing various shows in the upcoming weeks, so go see her:

11th September – The Waiting Room, London

22nd September – Perceptible Festival, The Boileroom, Guildford

26th September – Moles, Bath

18th-19th October – Wild Paths