Bishop Nehru’s New Video “In My Zone” Is A Trippy Animated Look Into Neo-Nehruvianism


Still from Bishop Nehru – IN MY ZONE (Official Video) [NBA 2K20] YouTube

NY-based artist Bishop Nehru is spreading his Neo-Nehurivian Soul movement with his music – and in case you’re wondering what it is, it’s basically soulful gourmet hip-hop that is anything except basic. His latest video, “In My Zone,” showcases Bishop in a semi-animated world where he flexes his swagger. Taken from his upcoming record My Disregarded Thoughts, “In My Zone” is a lightning piece infused with cosmic funk and Nehurvian flair:

“I came up with the title for this record before I’d even started making music,” shared Bishop. “My Disregarded Thoughts was originally planned as the title of my first ever mixtape, but that never happened – the reason was, I wanted the project to be as eccentric as possible, but I needed to be in an artistically comfortable place to create that. Now I’m finally in that place, ten years later.”

Bishop broke into the scene with his critically acclaimed debut LP Elevators: Act I & IIlast year and has become one of the fastest rising hip-hop artists. My Disregarded Thoughts will be out on November 8th via his own label Nehruvia.