FELIN Brings Out Our Inner Villain In “LaLaLa”

Coz being evil triples the fun

Photo: Courtesy of Mystic Sons

Channeling her inner Maleficent, Swedish artist FELIN sucks us into the dark glamour with her new single “LaLaLa.” Blazing with fierce synths and lacerating chords, FELIN captures the anger and madness we experience after a bad breakup with an exquisite melody filled with dark humor and hooks that are garnished with her pitch-perfect vocals. “LaLaLa” is the song you’ll be blasting as you voodoo the shit out of your ex/fling/crush who broke your sanity along with your heart:

“‘LaLaLa’ is about being mistreated and hurt by someone and while you’re destroyed, they just go on with their life as if nothing has happened. That can make anyone go a little psycho, right? And even if you would never act on it, the villain in you secretly wishes for karma to bite back when they least expect it. The lyrics on the upcoming album are all pretty twisted, but in a playful way. Movies are a big inspiration of mine, so I wanted to create my own movie in the form of an album with a story about a dark and wild romance that ends in chaos,” explained FELIN.

Known for her pop-rock sound, FELIN as played in the iconic Rockpalast in Germany and has supported The Chainsmokers last spring. The gal is currently songsmithing new beats, so stay tuned.