If Climbing’s “Than I Was Before” Is Melancholic Trip To Happiness

“Stay with me and I’ll be / Happier than I was before”

Photo courtesy of the artist

If Climbing, the solo project of Tim Williams, explores happiness while hopscotching between the past and present in his new synthpop single “Than I Was Before.” Intoxicated with cheery melancholia and layered with glassy synths, the track dives into the intricacies of longing, wistfulness, and imagination that comes in our never-ending quest for happiness. The hooks are schmoozily bouncy, but there are cracks of moodiness within the track’s tonality that makes “Than I Was Before” a dreamier more than a dancier piece. Enjoy:

Tim was actually the former member of LA band Soft Swells, but decided to start fresh with his new solo project. “Than I Was Before” was produced by Rob Flynn and is the follow up of his debut single “The Good Parts,” which was released back in June. Stay tuned for more If Climbing drops in the upcoming weeks.