Papertwin Take Us Into The Fine Line Between Life & Death In “Candy Cigarettes”

Indietronic pop

Photo: Courtesy of Force Field PR

Papertwin hover over the smudged boundaries between life and death in new single “Candy Cigarettes.” With jangly synthesizers that waft through a fibrillating frequency of psychedelia, “Candy Cigarettes” channels the moody and surreal tension that comes with our own reflection of mortality and birth. The song was largely influenced by the band’s own experience with a loved one’s death and becoming a parent. It’s a track that captures the suddenness and unreadiness of both events that always feel foreign despite how much knowledge we’ve accumulated in the past:

“Candy Cigarettes” is from Papertwin’s upcoming debut record Family Portraits, which will be out on November 8th via Druyan Records. Comprised of Max Decker (vocals, guitar, synthesizer), Francis Cardinale (drums, programming), and Nick Shopa (synthesizers, vocals), Papertwin formed back in 2009 by Max. Following the release of two EPs, the trio took a hiatus before coming together again for Family Portraits under the guidance of Nick Shopa at Decker’s home studio in Massachusetts. Be on the lookout for more drops from the trio soon.