Ben Esser Offers Us A Shortcut To Flow-State In “Stripes” Ft. emawk & Beau Diako

Inspiration-inspired anthem

Photo: Courtesy of Lekker Collective

Berlin-based artist Ben Esser is breaking his two-year hiatus with his latest single “Stripes” ft. emawk and Beau Diako. In “Stripes,” Ben toys with an arsenal of misty tones and dripping arrangements that yield a rainy flow. The colorful tonality of the track resonates the smooth, mind-absorbing state we fall into when we get a grasp of inspiration. “Stripes” doesn’t explode or displays the hyped, cinematic flair we often associate with such moment – but it offers a hypnotic space where you get to be isolated with your own thoughts. This is a pretty realistic melodic depiction of flow-state:

In Ben’s own words, “Stripes” captures “raw moments of pure inspiration” that was created with the help of NY-based artist emawk and UK guitar maestro Beau Diako. “Whilst working with Beau on his upcoming EP, we had loads small melody fractions that needed to be developed into full songs. Around the same time my good friend Donna (Lekker Collective) showed me emawk’s track ’18’, which I fell hopelessly inlove with. When visiting NYC earlier this year emawk (Kwame) and I linked up and started working on one of the little snippets I’d created with Beau ’til like 5am – paving the foundation for the song.”

Ben broke into the scene with his debut single “Love You More” and has been helping other artists hone their sound in the past few years, including Noah Slee’s debut album Otherland (Majestic Casual / Wondercore Island). “Stripes” is just a taste of Ben’s own upcoming music, which he’ll be sharing more soon.