FØNX Navigates Funkily Through The Hazy Friendzone In ‘Jack Rabbits’

Friendzone after breakup is…weird

Photo: Deborah Fox

With fluorescent smoothness and quirky funk, FØNX returns with a new single “Jack Rabbits” – an trip hop piece that is ripe with the emotional ambivalence that comes with being friends with an ex. In “Jack Rabbits,” FØNX uses his arsenal of pop, hip-hop, dark irony, and pitch versatility to sketch out a visceral map of the awkward friendzone where your rational GPS seems to always encounter glitches. The beats are harmonized in cheery arrangements, almost as if FØNX is poking fun of the absurd situation that he – and many of us – has gotten into knowing that it’s a bad idea. If you’re guilty, then this is for you:

“The initial ideas for Jack Rabbits came about at a time when I needed to vocalize my emotions. I find the only way I can come to terms with things sometimes is to write about it and in this case I wanted to try make a fun track and something you could dance to almost flip the situation on its head and make light of the situation,” shared FØNX.

“Jack Rabbits” is the title track of FØNX’ new EP, which is also out today:

On this new EP, he shared: “I have learnt so much being in control of this process solo and I feel like anything is now possible in terms of my creativity and how I want to grow this project. I started this EP knowing what I wanted to create but not knowing how I’d get there. Over the last few years I have learnt so much from working with really talented producers and I have always wanted to produce my own music as I love being in control of my vision.”

You can catch FØNX in person later this month in London:

9/22 – Fiddler’s Elbow-Camden (London, UK)