Jimmy Laine Is An Avid Biker And Swordsman In “You & I”

Dream pop

Still from Jimmy Laine – You & I (Official Video) YouTube

Aussie artist Jimmy Laine is making us all jealous by showcasing his biking and swordsmanship in his new video “You & I.” Honestly, we’re not that jealous about his biking skills; however, those agile sword moves that looks like hipster Jedi is really making us want to go on a forest and swing our swords. The track is a dream pop piece filled with wistfulness and neuron-calming chords where Jimmy’s eccentrically charming vocals (his voice is either hit or miss, no in-between) traps you into a state of laidback herban bliss:

Currently working on new music and wearing funky shirts, Jimmy is planning to drop more treats to your ears this year. And most likely to hone his swordsmanship further.