Resurrection Fern’s “Savanna” Is An Intimate Reflection Of Fate & Faith

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Hailing from Nashville, Resurrection Fern is an artist who dissects the various layers of the human condition. She’s an indie folk artist but her craft stretches to pop and country as she flexes her creativity unrestrictedly. Fern’s latest single “Savanna” muses over the complex topic of fate and faith where she holds onto her belief, but admits she doesn’t believe in destiny. “You say God has a plan for me / Well I believe in God, but not in destiny” she chants. Drenched with fingerpicked strings, “Savanna” is a minimalistic mid-tempo piece where Fern uses her syrupy vocals to convey the emotional ambivalence that comes with such topic. It’s a hefty topic, but the gal does so in such a conversational way that adds a warm light touch to it. Stream below:

“This track means more to me than anything I’ve released before. Partially, because the songwriter is a close friend and I am humbled he entrusted me to share his art with the world. This is also the first time I’ve felt more personally connected to a song written by someone else than I am with my originals. Since I know the inspiration behind the song, and I love my friend very much, I have even more motivation to share it with the world,” shared Fern.

“Savanna” is a taste of Fern’s upcoming EP, which is still in the works. Fern, who is a Twitch partner, has been building a wide fanbase online through her indie folk music. Her debut album Beyond The Trees,which was released back in October 2018, was entirely community-funded by her Twitch followers. It’s a perfect record to chill, unwind, and reflect:

Through Twitch Fern has been able to connect with her fans directly, stream her musical performances and share stories with her ‘FernFam.’ Her upcoming record will be funded by her Twitch community as well, so make sure to check out the FernFam.

You can also connect with Fern via Twitter.

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