SCRO77 Cuts Through The Nostalgia That Comes With Change In “Back Home”


Artwork courtesy of the artist

“They don’t like to see you change / So we walked off we ain’t ever give a fuck” chants mysterious duo SCRO77 in their latest drop “Back Home.” Two stanzas into it and you might think that “Back Home” is giving a sweet middle finger to all your old acquaintances and friends who seem to loathe/exploit your newfound success. But SCRO77 doesn’t show mercy on those old connections as much as to themselves. “I was hoping for some friends back home / I’m kinda tired of the Benz / Wanna go back and be my old self” they chant. “Back Home” is partly a revenge track, but also a confessional where the duo yearns for the old warmth and familiarity that they once had before success landed:

SCRO77 is still an online mystery, but make sure to check out “FLEX” if you haven’t already.