AdeJosh’s “Reload It” Is Stuck In Our Heads…So We’re Passing It Onto You

Viral-level adhesive

Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Group

British Nigerian artist AdeJosh delivers a timeless sound of classical Afrobeat infused with contemporary dance in his new track “Reload It” – a sticky af anthem featuring the viral sensation ‘Mr Reload It’ himself. Melodically, AdeJosh creates a choppy fluidity through fragmented samples and beats that yield the swaggering charm of Afrobeat. The chorus swishes with a hooky buoyancy where AdeJosh instantly pins your neurons with the phrase “Reload it, reload it.” Enjoy:

AdeJosh broke into the scene with his 2016 EP Confident and has been steadily making his mark in the UK music scene. Be on the lookout for more music from him soon.