Bros Bros’ “Red Light” Ft. Oforios Will Make You Better Dancer & Driver

It’s a song about toxic love…and traffic violations

Artwork: Beau de Lange

Belgian artist Bros Bros is turning a highly unsexy topic into a very sexy track titled “Red Light” ft. Oforios. A high-tempo, club anthem, “Red Light” is built on gleaming bass lines and the breakneck bounciness of house music where Oforios’ vocals tap into the danger of driving past the red light. Yup, you heard that right:

Red light

Don’t you speed up on the red light

You better drive on the green light

Babe we’ll crash on the red light

On the red light

Shoutout to Bros Bros for promoting safe driving:

On a more emotional note, the track is actually about a destructive relationship. “‘Red Light’ is about a toxic relationship between two people claiming to love each other,” Bros Bros shared. “What makes the relationship unhealthy is the fact that both of them are not respecting each other’s values and boundaries. Red Light is a symbol for crossing these lines. But there is always a possibility that things can work out when we choose to be patient and wait to drive past the green light.”

“Red Light” is from Bros Bros’ upcoming debut EP The Journey, which will be out on October 17th.