Alex White Debuts His New Bluesy Pop Single “Give It All Away”

Meet the rising UK artist

Photo: Courtesy of Ihartpr

Hailing from Cornwall, Alex White is stepping into the contemporary blues/pop soundscape with his debut single “Give It All Away.” Co-produced by Paul Whalley (NAO, Mumford & Sons) and Jamie Biles (Isaac Graci), “Give It All Away” taps into the emotional imbalance of a relationship where you’re giving in more than what you’re receiving…yet you can’t stop it. Built on fingerpicked riffs, the track is minimal but its raw delivery is what adds a subtle elegance to it. Enjoy:

Speaking on his new single, Alex shared:

“I had a sick time writing it with Jay (Biles) and everything seemed to flow really naturally. When we listened back to the first demo, it reminded us a little bit of Jeff Buckley, just in how the chords move and the way in which Jay captured the guitar, which makes sense as he is definitely one of my biggest influences. The song is about when you’re really into someone but you’re aware that you are giving much more than you’re getting back, yet somehow, you’re still willing to give it all away. There is definitely a sense of hope within the track, not that you hope the girl would turn around and give more to you but hope that you don’t put more in and fall further into something that won’t work. I’m pretty sure it’s something that a lot of people have experienced at some point!”

Alex grew up playing guitar and listening to artists such as John Mayer, Eric Clapton, and Prince. He’s been spending most of this year songsmithing and currently wrapped up a sold-out headline show at Servant Jazz Quarters. Be on the lookout for more drops from him soon.