BIIANCO Glides From Lust To Self-Lust In “Rice Crispies”

Risqué pop

Photo: MK McGehee

LA-based songstress BIIANCO takes us on a very carnal journey into lust in her new video “Rice Crispies” where she captures the blood-rushing sensation of finding new love. BIIANCO further takes carnal attraction to self-love, which feels like a constant tug-of-war. The video features transgender dancer Sarah Stanger who dances with BIIANCO and engages in a form of push-and-pull to represent the highs and lows of learning to love yourself. Enjoy:

“Rice Crispies” is from BIIANCO’s upcoming EP, which she enlisted an all-female crew as collaborators and producers of the music video. BIIANCO identifies herself as a queer artist and we identify her as a badass feminist boss…it’s okay if this video made you have a crush on her, coz it totally made us have one.