Isaiah Dreads’ “Still Alive” Is An Ode To Survival In The Modern Era


Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Hailing from Dorset, UK, Isiah Dreads showcases the art of gratitude through quirky wordplay in his new rap single “Still Alive.” It’s a candid confession of Isaiah’s own struggles in the industry and the optimism it takes to appreciate what we often overlook. Through multisyllabic rhythms and colorful beats, Isaiah schmoozes with a choppy fluidity as he helps us find a brighter angle from the bottom. The video features Isaiah semi-submerged in a tub under the red dim lights as he hovers over the line of breathing and drowning. Watch below:

On his new single, Isaiah shared: “This is personally one of the most important songs I’ve written. It’s about my journey over the last few years, the downs but most importantly the great things which came as a result of whatever way I was feeling. No matter what negativity may happen in life I’m STILL ALIVE. Feeling super grateful for the reaction I’ve gotten on my new music so far. I hope you guys enjoy this one!”

“Still Alive” is from Isaiah’s upcoming EP No Ego, which will be out this Friday, September 20th. It is the follow up of his 2018 EP Back To The Futureand features long-term collaborators, Eyez and Lily Mckenzie, producers Zdot and Krunchie. No Egowill be released via Payday Records.