Austen’s ‘Passenger Seat’ Is An EP That Was Built From A Van In The Desert…With An Ex

All the best and worst things come out of road trips

Photo: Courtesy of Collected PR

Aussie artist Austen gives us an unfiltered, honest account of a tragically intense romance in her EP Passenger Seat. Throughout the 6-track anthem, Austen transmits the emotional highs and heart intoxication of a relationship that only lives in the extreme ends – there’s not in-between or stability in her track. Either Austen is chanting about overwhelming euphoria or the gut-wrenching pain of breakup. Enjoy the ride:

Passenger Seat started taking shape during a road trip that Austen took with an ex. “After dating for a very short time we decided it would be a good idea to go on a road trip for 12 days, locked in this van together driving around northern QLD in the middle of summer,” she shared.

Austen will be supporting Love Fame Tragedy in October across Australia, so go see her:

10/8 – Oxford Art Factory (Sydney, Australia)

10/9 – Howler (Melbourne, Australia)

10/10 – The Zoo (Brisbane, Australia)