Close Counters’ EP ‘Refractions’ Is An Indietronic Haven For Dancers

A groovy soufflé of electronica and inide pop

Photo: Maxwell Byrne

Aussie duo Close Counters is spreading the funk and dance fever with their sophomore EP Refractions, out today via Exist Recordings. The four-track EP features previously released singles and new one “Bespoke” ft. Wallace. Built on an assortment of quivering synthesizers, sprinkling confection of smooth beats, and tongue-in-cheek buoyancy, Refractions is dexterously crafted to sound classic yet finds subtle progressive ways that makes it feel novel:

“We produce dance music that reinterprets styles of house, disco, funk and broken beat, adopting the spirit of Melbourne soul. The music reflects its origins: combining the instrumentation of a 70s funk rhythm section with modern production, dense layers of analogue synths, Latin percussion, and a flare of jazz harmony. Artists such as Detroit Swindle, Harvery Sutherland, Moodyman, Kaytranada, Motor City Drum Ensemble have inspired our latest work. The result is an infectious, uplifting array of dance tunes,” shared Close Counters.

Comprised of Allan McConnell and Finn Rees, Close Counters were originally formed in Tasmania but decided to relocate to Melbourne. Refractionsmarks a new chapter to their sound and a testament of their growth as artists. The duo is currently finishing up their tour, so go see them:

9/20 – Hobart Brewing Co (Hobart, Australia)