Green Buzzard Goes On An Existential Playdate With Mannequins In “To Be Like You”

Self-analytical pop

Photo: Courtesy of Kartel Music Group

Sydney-based artist Green Buzzard takes us into a subtly eerie self-analysis filled with mannequins and mirrors in his new video “To Be Like You.” The track itself is a reflection of our worst selves post-breakup – whether that is with a human, job, hobby, etc. Drenched with dreamy echoes of GB’s vocals, “To Be Like You” dives into our inner psyche that is cracked with regrets and realizations where the smoky ambience lets us digest our thoughts serenely. It’s visceral and explicit reflection of our worst actions, but it’s also self-forgiving:

Speaking of the single, Green Buzzard shared: “‘To Be Like You’ and much of the album is introspective lyrically. It’s a break up song essentially. It’s not about one person or one moment in particular but rather those feelings of regret and disdain for something you’ve done and realising you never want to be like that.”

The track is from Green Buzzard’s upcoming album Amidst The Clutter & Mess, which will be out on September 19thvia I OH YOU. Green Buzzard will be playing across Australia in the next few days, so go see him:

9/20 – Yah Yah’s (City of Yarra, VIC, Australia)

9/21 – The Chippo Hotel (Sydney, NSW, Australia)