HEX Bites Into Cynicism & Instantaneous Nature Of The Industry In “Paranoia”


Photo: Courtesy of Lucid Online

Hailing from Nottingham, HEX massages our reward center in the most bass-heavy, hip-hop fashion with his new single “Paranoia” where he gives us a biting taste of his experience with music industry. The track is a narrative of loyalty, incessant cynicism, and instant pace of the industry that HEX has hustled with in the past few years. Through punchy, trap production and sharp sense of humor, HEX delivers a fusillade of thumping missiles that perfectly caters to our short attention span. Lyrically, HEX criticizes the superficiality of a field where instant gratification rules above everything else, but melodically he demonstrates his dexterity in using the industrial trend into his own advantage – that’s art ya’ll:

HEX has been making waves across the underground hip-hop scene in the UK for the past years with critically acclaimed singles such as “Inferno” and “Blow.” Currently making more beats, you can expect more drops from the young artist soon.