Night Dreamer Pretty Much Nailed Our Doubts Of AI & Government In “Another Life”

For all of us who want to live in a different dimension

Photo: Kourtney Kyung Smith

LA-based duo Night Dreamer taps into our generational anxiety of breakneck AI technology, government surveillance, and withering nature in their new gothic-ish, dream pop single “Another Life.” As the title implies, the track appeals to our wistful imagination of living in a different dimension where we are not living in an artificial world controlled by governmental crap. It’s dark and has an omnipresent doomed buzz that really capture our attitude towards our society, which seems to get mutated with politics and technology at the speed of light:

“’Another Life’ was one of the first songs we wrote as Night Dreamer while we were still finding our sound. It was inspired by the destruction of Mother Nature, government monitoring, AI technology and this scary strange world we live in. Sometimes makes you want to be a part of another life…” shared the duo.

Comprised of Southern California musician Mindy Song and The Smashing Pumpkins’ guitarist Jeff Schroeder, Night Dreamer formed when they met for an experimental session at Jeff’s studio in Chicago. They’re currently getting ready to release their debut EP Treasure, which will be out on October 11 and will be playing supporting Peter Hook in New York and Chicago. Don’t miss them:

October 25 – Brooklyn, NY – Brooklyn Steel *

November 1 – Chicago, IL – Metro *

* support for Peter Hook