dutchkid Destroys The Comfort Zone In “Flight”


Artwork courtesy of Ihartpr

London-based quartet dutchkid scrapes through the daily anxieties that haunt us and confine us into our comfort zones in their new electropop single “Flight.” Tottering between synthrock and pop, dutchkid blazes through bouncy cadence as they chant about the freedom of leaving your insecurities behind and being open. “Flight” has a dynamic flow to it where its lush arrangement send sweet groovy frequencies groove that also channels full-blooded grit. Hit play:

“It’s a scary thing to put yourself out there and be like…’Hey this is me, hope you like me?!?’ We all experience insecurities in many forms and most often we have some unrealistic fear that goes along with that initial step of opening yourself up to people. ‘Flight’ is about just that. Taking that step and actually finding something beautiful.”

Comprised of Jordi van Dyk, Pete Coggan, Chris Smyth and Jack Kircher, dutchkid formed in late 2017 and are currently signed to Ultra Records. “Flight” is the follow up of their EmpireEP, which broke a million streams in the first three months of its release. The quartet is currently getting ready to roll out their next EP Youth, which will be out on December 6th. You can get an early glimpse of the record if you happen to be in the UK in December:

12/4 – The Hope & Ruin, Brighton

12/5 – The Waiting Room, London

12/6 – Yes (Basement), Manchester