Firewoodisland Shares The Secret Recipe For Doing Life Good In “Hollow Coves”

Folktronic pop

Photo: Courtesy of The Playground PR

Bristol-based Norwegian/Welsh duo Firewoodisland reminds us that life is too short and hard to be alone in new single “Hollow Coves.” Arranged with the heart-throbbing skeleton of folk and layered with gleaming synths of indietronica, “Hollow Coves” is graced with swelling aesthetics that exemplifies the unexpected rush of letting someone new into your life. It’s applicable to new lovers and puppies:

“‘Hollow Coves’ is about reaching the point of having nothing left to give and meeting someone with a fresh perspective who breathes new life into those empty places. It acts as a reminder that we’re not made to do life by ourselves,” shared the duo.

Comprised of Stian Vedøy and Abi Eleri, Firewoodisland started as the solo project of Stian who – by serendipity – met Abit in Cardiff, where she was studying illustration at the time. The duo quickly joined their forces and became finalists in Norway’s Bandwagon Battle Of The Bands. Following their success on the show, they debuted their EP ILD in 2014 and released their debut album Chaos Is The State Of The Heart in 2018. The duo is set to play in various Sofar Sound shows across the UK throughout September and October. May the odds be ever in your favor for selecting the show featuring the duo (lineups and locations for SoFar are secret – that’s the beauty/tragedy of it).