Harness The Art Of Self-Acceptance With Oyster Kids’ “Give In”


Photo: Courtesy of the artist

LA-based quartet Oyster Kids offers us another indie pop splendor that falls between quaggy groove and mellow vibes titled “Give In.” The track bites into self-acceptance and drawing the curtains of vulnerability so you can flow with acceptance. We know…we sound high. But if you think about it, the more you stubbornly reject who you are, the shittier and harder your life will be. “Give In” is a soufflé of dream pop whipped with swooning synths and visceral arrangements that extract our innermost thoughts and fears from the subconsciousness. “Give just a little bit / A little bit of my soul / And wont you feel just a little bit / Or wont you just lose control” chants Oyster Kids’ vocalist Andrew Eapen.

“‘Give In’ is a song about accepting yourself, and letting others in. I wanted to write something that encompassed my struggle of being vulnerable with my emotions, and how freeing it feels to finally open up to others,” shared Eapen.

The track is a taste of the band’s upcoming EP, which is due this fall. The quartet will be dropping a music video for “Give In” soon, so stay tuned.