Nahima’s Debut EP ‘Wasted Days’ Is R&B Bleached With Cali Beach Vibes

Meet the rising R&B artist

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Over minimalistic harmony, Nahima hybridizes the breezy vibes of Cali beach pop into her R&B craft in her debut EP Wasted Days. The opener “Out Of Shape” takes off with a finger-snapping intricacies where Nahima’s schmoozy croons takes you on a hypnotic state of infatuation. The follow up, “Like Me Alone,” is a stripped-down melody where Nahima only lets guitar strings partake in her lonely meditation. In “Try My Luck,” Nahima soothes us into a dreamy state with gliding chords and swelling atmospherics where she evokes a rare form of serene intensity. Enjoy:

Originally from a small beach town in California, Nahima takes a folksy and bedroom pop approach when crafting her songs. Wasted Daysis just the beginning for the rising artist who is already proving her vocal prowess through her intimate, minimalistic sound.