Natan Day Made A Song About Your Insomnia Enlightenment Called “Catch Some Zee’s”

And it’s soul-enriching

Artwork: Courtesy of the artist

UK artist Natan Day is back with another semi-existential anthem titled “Catch Some Zee’s” where he walks us through insomnia-induced enlightenment. It’s psych rock caffeinated with New Age synths and a splash of acid where Natan swims through the insomniac delirium. Delivering both the moody cerebral funk and the unexpected euphoric outbursts, “Catch Some Zee’s” wraps our head around that weird state of spiritual transcendence we experience during the most vulnerable hours of the night:

“Sometimes I feel like I’m in the film Fight Club where everything just feels surreal and dreamy. It’s scary but somehow weirdly beautiful at the same time. Like Chucky’s wife. Catch ‘Some Zee’s’ just comes from that feeling, and being worryingly sleep deprived,” shared Natan.

“Catch Some Zee’s” is the follow up of Natan’s previous single “Vertigo.” Natan, who was a former member of alt-rock band Darlia, decided to go solo after his own battle with anxiety and heartbreak. Now based in London, Natan is songsmithing more of his own work and will be sharing more singles soon. Stay tuned.