Marina Kaye Becomes Her Psychiatrist’s Psychiatrist In “Twisted”

Don’t mess with patients

Photo: Parri Thomas

French artist Marina Kaye is turning the tables in her psychiatry session in new video “Twisted,” a track and video inspired by her own experience. Directed by Julien Hosmalin and Marina herself, “Twisted” showcases the offbeat side of Marina’s own psyche that turn into a self-empowering moment where she becomes the pro. The power dynamics between the professional and patient changes as Marina realizes that she is far more deeply in touch with her thoughts. The track has a mischievously ominous tone intertwined with minimalistic and bursting moments where Marina’s vocal splendor shine with confidence. Enjoy:

Influenced by her own experience with a pro psychiatrist, Marina shared: “The guy didn’t believe a word I told him and looked at me like I was a freak. I wanted to use this experience, and turn the tables for this music video,” the gal further added, “‘Twisted’ is an extremely deep and personal song for me. I’ve always felt like there was something a bit weird about me. I feel like I have some twisted thoughts in my mind, but that’s no bad thing. In fact I’m proud of it now because it makes me who I am.“

Marina Kaye broke into the scene at the young age of 13 were she first recorded and released her debut album Fearless through Universal’s Capitol Music. She has supported other big acts including Thirty Seconds To Mars, Florent Pagny, and Linsey Sterling on top of playing over hundred headline shows as a teen. “Twisted” is out now via PIAS Recordings and a peek into what the now 21-year-old has under her sleeves.