Sal The Musician’s “Strawberry” Is About Greg Who Is A Sex Addict & An Accountant

He does taxes and lots of rated R endeavors

Photo: Courtesy of the artist

Sal the Musician is delivering us a guitar-powered breezy single that feels very appropriate in this seasonal transitional time titled “Strawberry.” The melody itself is deceptively starry-eyed and pseudo-innocent as Sal winds you with dreamy fingerpicked guitar lines and wobbly atmosphere. But lyrically, “Strawberry” tells the story of a man named Greg living in the 80s who is an accountant and sex addict. As Sal plucks through the metaphors of carnal pleasure, “Strawberry” becomes the embodiment of Greg’s orgasm. But don’t worry, it’s cryptic enough to be played out loud without anyone noticing its true meaning:

Hailing from Galway, Ireland, Sal the Musician decided to drop out of college in November 2018 to pursue his passion for music. After spending months crafting his sound, he debuted his single “Low” in March and has been songsmithing non-stop. “Strawberry” marks his third single and is a taste of upcoming debut EP Art Is Creation, which will be out in early 2020.

Btw, Greg is a completely fictional character. So any resemblance is pure “coincidence.”