Audrey’s Vocal Chords Are The Future Of R&B

Get to know the rising artist

Photo: Khufu Najee

Korean American artist Audrey has the fiercest vocal muscles – her voice oscillates seamlessly from deep to high-pitch, where she is able to deliver a mesmeric smoothness while also cutting through the emotions of her lyrics. Her latest single “Paper” is a slow-burning, dark R&B treat that is amped with heavy bass and serve as another stage for Audrey’s voice to shine. Stream below:

With more than 300k Spotify streams already, Audrey is quickly becoming one of the most buzzed-out artists in the R&B/soul scene. Originally from New Jersey, Audrey decided to pursue her passion for music by taking a gap year from NYU. The risk paid off as her works have been featured in multiple media and led to a record deal with Arista Records. Currently working on more music, you can expect to hear more from Audrey in the months to come.