Maya Lucia’s EP ‘lashing out’ Is An Unapologetic Depiction Of Our Generational Hot Mess

From hangovers to heartbreaks

Photo: Simran Gvalani

Based in Boston, Maya Lucia is an indie artist who speaks to the young culture of hot mess – aka not having shit together – that feels so applicable, relevant, and comforting to Millennials and Gen Z. Her debut EP lashing out taps into our habitual inclination to cheap wines, breakups, Peter Pan Syndrome, and addiction. It goes out to the generation whose mentality hasn’t changed since their teenage days and who exploits ‘adult age’ for irresponsible endeavors that end up in splendid chaos. Through its surf rock-infused soundscape that is characterized by glimmering strings, bedroom-esque ambience, and Maya’s floating vocals, lashing out unapologetically serves as the beacon of our immature guilty pleasures:

Originally from Minneapolis, Maya Lucia grew up listening to artists such as Prince and describes her sound as ‘genre-fluid.’ The gal currently splits her time in LA and Boston, where she is constantly refining her sound.