guardin’s EP ‘creature’ Is A Candid Vent On Love, Heartbreak, Family, & Friends

Lo-fi surfwave

Photo: Courtesy of Violet Foulk PR

NY-based artist guardin, Nicholas Kerr, helps us attain chillvana with his new EP creature, which is a record of his own vent towards human bond, heartbreak, and self-love. From the highs and lows, guardin navigates through every breathtaking and grotesque layers of being a human creature living in modern era. It’s lo-fi, but has the breezy and invigorating air of surf pop that leaves you with a chillwave aftertaste. That’s why we’re describing it as surfwave:

“I usually record a handful of freestyled melodies over a beat to figure out a base structure, and use that to help me craft sort of a walking stick for my writing,” guardin shared about his process. “I’ll usually write a hook and a verse, and then come back to it later once my mind is in a new place so my verses feel well-differentiated. From there, I add in separate layers such as ad libs or backing vocals to really fill it out and bring the track to life.”

guardin first started making music by learning to play the drums with his father in their garage. As he grew older, he started learning the piano, electric guitar, and participated in his school marching band. His early work garnered praises from various tastemakers and eventually led him to touring with acts such as gnash and Mallrat. He is currently getting ready to tour with McCafferty this fall, so go party with him:

November 18 – Carrboro NC

November 19 – Washington DC

November 20 – NYC

November 21 – Boston MA

November 22 – Philadelphia PA

November 23 – Cleveland OH

November 24 – Chicago IL