Janice Prix’ Dabs Onto The Different Hues Of Loneliness In “Nobody Would Know”

Indietronic pop

Photo: Courtesy of Mystic Sons

Swedish quartet explores loneliness in different shades in their new video “Nobody Would Know” where they use a mixture of chromatic visuals and shades to shed light to the crippling nature of isolation. Channeling the hypnotic vibe of psych-infused indietronica, “Nobody Would Know” moves with a spiraling motion with its heavy synths and menacing moodiness that the four transmit with an eerie dreaminess. “The song is based upon stories from within our own families. It’s about lonely people that have no one left to turn to and nowhere to go. They want to talk, but nobody wants to listen. People who have done unforgivable things. We wanted the song to reflect those complicated family relationships,” explained the band. Enjoy:

On the video, the band shared: “We wanted the video to visually convey a feeling of exclusion. That the person, from the lyrics’ point of view, wants to be included, but is denied. As a contrast to our previous videos we wanted to do something colourful, yet disturbingly grotesque.”

“Nobody Would Know” is the title track of their new EP, which is out now and can be streamed below:

The quartet is currently on their Korea tour, so if you happen to be there, don’t miss them:

9/26 – Basement (Busan, South Korea)

9/28 – Strange Fruit Seoul (Seoul, South Korea)