Boost Your Drive To Grind In Chaycin’ Change’s “All”


Photo: Courtesy of Red Umbrella Records

LA-based artist Chaycin Change shares his own spirit and drive to grinding and hustling while keeping his faith alive in new single “All.” Between drilling hooks and nooks, Chaycin brings out his fusillade of whimsical wordplay and rhymes that places his desire at the spotlight. His multisyllabic jams blazes through visceral beats where Chaycin cuts through the coarse, unglamorous truth of keeping the wheel spinning. Enjoy:

On the meaning of the track, Chayce shared: “You must first believe you can do it.  Then you walk by faith and not by sight, but faith without works is dead, so you better be willing to work harder than you ever have to live like you never have, and like most never will!”

Chayce Whiting is the maestro behind Chaycin’ Change, who is originally from Sacramento, California. Citing influences such as Eminem, School Boy Q and Chance The Rapper, Chayce has been pursuing music at an early age and has worked with various renowned producers including Ekzakt. “All” is out now via LA indie label Red Umbrella Records and was co-produced. By Marc Aliotta and 15yo Gyovanni Moner.