Tokyo Tea Room’s “Things Are Changing” Is Existential Xanax

A hazy explosion of bedroom psych pop

Photo: Gloria Royer

UK act Tokyo Tea Room helps us Zen-out with their latest single “Things Are Changing,” a chillphony of feathery croons that uncoil gracefully over the gossamer hazy soundscape. Tapping into the existential themes of change, TTR helps us find peace with growing up – which most of the times feels too sudden and foreign. Through a carefully crafted swelling texture, TTR induces us into a trance of rare serenity where we can look into our own doubts and flaws with acceptance:

On the song, songwriter Daniel Elliot commented: “‘Things Are Changing’ is about recognising yourself growing up, seeing yourself change and trying to find a balance. The lyrics are telling a story of someone discovering their own flaws, analysing them and moving forward.”

Comprised of Daniel Elliot (Synths/Vocals), Ben Marshall (Bass), Beth Plumb (Vocals/Keys), Sam Teather (Drums), Ryan Debling (Guitar) and Graham Nunn (Guitar), TTR has been lauded for their ability to make psych pop that has the intimate, raw feel of bedroom sound. The Canterbury-based band will be playing a show in November, so don’t miss them:

11/29 – Fokestone Quarterhouse (Folkestone, UK)