Witness Galactic Claustrophobia In Space Above’s “Stolen Days” Ft. Alisa Xayalith

Dreamy cosmic pop

Photo: Maddie North

Space Above, aka Aaron Short, reunites with his old The Naked And Famous bandmate Alisa Xayalith in new single “Stolen Days” – a hauntingly dreamy soundscape where paranoia is depicted in the form of deceivingly euphoric outbursts. In its pure melodic form, “Stolen Days” stretches with its moody tendrils of smokiness as the beats float defying gravity. But lyrically, there is a much darker theme as the words boxes us into that claustrophobic feeling of being trapped emotionally. Check out the video below:

Speaking of their collaboration, Aaron shared: “Alisa and I always intended to do more music together. She immediately felt the aesthetic of the instrumental and in one afternoon session had lyrics and melody fully laid out.”

On the lyrics, Alisa shared” “The words came from the feeling of being strongly affected by things out of your control that have the capacity to soak up your time and drain you emotionally. There’s hope in the lyrics of this song because I believe in the little victories that can lead you out of feeling emotionally winded and stranded.”

The video was directed by Isabel Garrett, who commented: “I wanted to hold onto the idea of being mentally trapped inside a space and only occasionally being able to see clearly. Turning this into a physical world seemed to make sense, with the exterior being really rich and filled with natural life, and the interior space being dark and claustrophobic.”

Aaron, who is a former member of The Naked And Famous, launched Space Above as a solo project of singles and remixes in his shared home studio with Sam McCarthy (BOYBOY) and Maddie North (So Below). He released his debut record Still back in 2017 and has earned praises from press and fans alike. Aaron left The Naked And Famous in order to focus on film composition (his songs has been featured in Softness of Bodies) and produce for other artists including The Melancholies, and So Below. Always songsmithing, expect to hear more from Aaron in the upcoming months.