HÅN Gives Us A Temporary Solution To Our Problems In “It’s Better When I Sleep”

Lullaby pop

Photo: Courtesy of Love By Mistake

Often times when shit hits the fan and we don’t feel like dealing with it, we do what we were trained to do as toddlers: sleep. Italian 22-year-old artist HÅN breaks down the sheltering and illusory nature of sleep in her new single “It’s Better When I Sleep.” Now, by no means is the gal promoting sleep as a way to procrastinate your problems like we are, but she’s offering a different perspective on sleep. Some of you type A personalities might think that sleep is a waste of time, but HÅN frames it as an illusory escape from the harsh reality that we often wrestle with daily. Enjoy:

Speaking of the single HÅN stated:

“Sleeping is really a strange thing if you think about it. every living creature does it, and it is as if everyone stopped existing for a while. but it’s necessary, can you imagine living without ever stopping? This song is like falling asleep: intimate and reassuring, but also imaginary and illusionary. But for a while, it’s okay to escape and take shelter in something that’s not real. that is what this song does to me, and hopefully to everyone that will listen and take time to care.”

HÅN broke into the scene with her debut EP The Children back in December 2017, which now has more than 2 million Spotify streams. She’s currently getting ready to roll out her sophomore EP this fall and will be announcing more tour dates. So stay tuned:

10/11 – Circolo Ohibò (Milan, Italy)

11/5 – FLOW Agency (Vienna, Austria)