Harry Nathan’s “Alright” Is What Happens When A Sandwich & Croissant Fall In Love

Buttery love

Still from Harry Nathan – Alright [Official Sandwich Music Video] YouTube

If you ever wondered what would happen if your sandwich fell in love with your croissant, then Harry Nathan’s got the answer for you. His latest video “Alright,” directed by actress Odeya Rush (Lady Bird), depicts that specific scenario where we see a dough party happening in the kitchen. And seeing all that flaky golden layers come in contact with that toasted goodness makes us…very hungry:

On the music video, Odeya shared: “It started off with a simple idea to have Harry make a delicious sandwich. I pitched it as ‘something super easy to make.’ Though, as we got closer to shooting, the idea grew and I knew we couldn’t make something that didn’t excite or challenge us.”

“Alright” is from Harry’s latest 2-track EP, which is out now. Random fact: Harry recently competed for World Champion Whistler in LA and was actually a finalist, but had to withdraw since he got sick. So now you know he’s good at whistling on top making a sandwich.